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Best Wishes from AEES, Chairman
I am happy to know that Atomic Energy Central School 3, Rawatbhata is launching its ‘website’. This is an important decision of the school authorities as regards the transmission of information about the rules and regulations of the school and it’s Act. This will greatly help the parents of the school children and the public, its staff members and the performance of the school at the click of the mouse. This website will also be used to provide the information about the social-cultural activities being organized by the school. The teacher may be able to post their specific lessons on the website on the website for the benefit of the student community of AEES and other schools as well. At a later stage this system will be updated to send the report card of the students to parents and get the comments of the parents.

I compliment and congratulate the staff members of the AECS-3, Rawatbhata for their initiative to launch this website and I hope that it will be kept updated by regularly posting the desired information on this web site.

Best Wishes,
Dr S K Kulshreshtha,
Chairman, AEES , Mumbai.

Best Wishes from AEES, Sectretary
Heartiest congratulations to AECS-3 Rawatbhata for the launch of school website. Rapid social and cultural changes are leading to the transformation of education also. Impact of new cultures and globalization, new technologies, collaborations and partnerships between educational institutes and other social service agencies are leading to metamorphic changes in the profession of teaching.

Our prime objective is to provide quality education for the wards of DAE employees. However, at some centers, we do take care of some sections of society reaching out especially to the socially, economically, culturally and educationally disadvantaged and provide them scholarship along with free education under the Talent Nurture Programme. Our system adapts to emerging needs and challenges, with participation from all concerned creating a sense of belonging. There exists a regular interaction between the different constituents involved, so that education becomes the responsibility of not only teachers but also of parents, students and administration. Our teachers put continuous efforts to stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields. For us, TEACHING is passion, commitment and profession, not merely a job.

We must always strive for excellence. Education is a powerful tool to bring about a socio-economic change. For imparting education, we need to be responsive to societal needs. We should emphasize on life-oriented and value-based teaching. We must mould intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired persons capable of building not only a developed nation but also a peaceful world.

Kulwant Singh
Secretary, AEES

Best Wishes from Chairman,LMC

Best Wishes from Principal, AECS3RBT
Principal It fills my heart with boundless joy to know announce that Atomic Energy Central School -3 is planning to launch its official website in the session 2011-12.

In the present global scenario internet brings universal information at a finger’s click. This effort by the AECS- 3 would prove to be a stepping stone for future. As per CBSE guidelines it is necessary for every school to launch its website and AECS- 3 is fulfilling the guideline. By this effort the school will be open to the world and truly it would go global. This website would be a good platform for the principal, staff and students to display their achievements and all information about the school will be available for every individual and by this the school would be able to maintain transparency in its work. So in this world of information and technology the school will truly be a part of the global family and the day is not far when it would shine on international level.

I extend my best wishes to the Vice Principal, Head Mistress, staff and the students in this effort

Neeraj Kumar Blahatia,


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