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Talent Nurture Program

Category :
The students belong to :
   (a) Economically poor,
   (b) Socially weak,
   (c) Educationally backward, But talented.
(2) Local bonafied.
(3) Resident of within 7-8 km radial distance from school.

Admission Procedure :
(1) As per guidelines of Atomic Energy Education Society, Mumbai.
(2) Approval of Local Managing Committee, AECSchools, R R Site.
(3) Under the supervision of Principal (Co-ordination) AECSchools, Rawatbhata.
(4) Based on merit of Test ( Written and / or Oral ) conducted with the help of Homi Bhabha Centre of Science Education, Mumbai.
(5) Before each academic session; from October / November to March / April in 1st standard only.

Facilities Provided:
(1) No school fees.
(2) They are treated as normal students like other students in all fields including Class Prefect, Cultural Activities, Games & Sports, NCC, Scout / Guide, Assembly Activities, CCA, etc.
(3) Students live with their family at respective homes.
(4) Transportation to and from school is at their own.

Only if academic performance is up to the mark:
(5) Free of cost :
   (a) Education from class I to XII.
   (b) School uniform including dresses, footwear and allied material.
   (c) Stationery including textbooks, notebooks and allied material.
   (d) Medical treatment only in local departmental hospital through CHSS card.
(6) Scholarship: Rs 400 / 300 per month through bank account.
(7) Extra classes (other than normal schedule), if needed.

Strength :




" It fills my heart with boundless joy to know announce that Atomic Energy Central School -3 is planning to launch its official website in the session 2011-12. "


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