It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters

Pioneers of AECS-3, Rawatbhata

Nature salutes the man who has the incredible & formidable capacity to swim against the tide. It is high grit, goodness and gumption that seperates him from the others. He is a person of substance who strives to make a differene in life. He is the one who is destined to lead.

Chairmen, Local Management Committee of AECS-3, Rawatbhata

S.No.Name of the OfficialDesignationFromTo
1.Shri.T.Gopala KrishnanW.M, HWP(K), RawatbhataAugust 1986November 1987
2.Shri.G.V.NadkarniC.S., RAPSNovember 1987April 1988
3.Shri.G.R.SriniwasanC.S., RAPSMay 1988June 1991
4.Shri.S.S.SachdevProject Director, RAPS 3&4July 1991April 1997
5.Shri.V.K.ChaturvediProject Director, RAPS 1&2April 1997July 2000
6.Shri.K.P.OjhaSite Director, RAPS 1 to 4August 2000January 2003
7.Shri.Subash MittalSite Director, RAPS 1 to 4February 2003January 2005
8.Shri.C.P.JhambSite Director, RR Site,RawatbhataMay 2005September 2012
9.Shri.J.P.GuptaSite Director, RR Site,RawatbhataOctober 2012November 2013
10.Shri.S.K.SharmaSite Director, RR Site,RawatbhataDecember 2013December 2015
11.Shri.T.J.KotteeswaranSite Director, RR Site,RawatbhataJanuary 2016May, 2017
12.Shri.V.K.JainSite Director, RR Site,Rawatbhata May 2017December, 2019
13.Shri.Vivek JainSite Director, RR Site,Rawatbhata January 2020Till date...
*as on 01-06-2020

Principals & In-charges of AECS-3, Rawatbhata

S.No.Name of the Principal/In-ChargeDesignationFromTo
1.Shri.S.P.SharmaPrincipal25-08-1987August 1989
2.Shri.V.K.GuptaPrincipalSeptember 1989June 1991
3.Shri.S.G.BajwaPrincipalJuly 1991August 1994
4.Shri.S.N.MishraPrincipalSeptember 1994June 1996
5.Shri.S.P.SharmaPrincipalJuly 1996December 1998
7.Shri.R.K.SawhneyVice Principal & I/C26-10-200210-06-2004
9.Shri.BaburamVice Principal & I/C15-06-200518-08-2008
10.Dr.S.K.PrasadVice Principal & I/C19-08-200802-02-2009
12.Shri.Dileep SinghPrincipal19-06-201412-05-2016
14.Shri.A.Joseph JohnPrincipal27-03-201819-06-2019
*as on 01-07-2020

Adminograph of AEES

Aided Institutions and Other Organizations of DAE

Atomic Energy Educaion Society is run by eminent scientists of DAE and educationists from reputed departments. Chairman is the head of Governing Council (GC) and Secretary is the non-member secretary of GC. Click on links to see the members of Governing Council of AEES and the adminograph of AEES

AEES is an autonomous body under Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Govt. of India. DAE is the mother of all DAE establishments spread all over India. There are thirteen DAE establishments under Aided institutions and other organizations in addition to main establishments like BARC, NPCIL, IGCAR, UCIL ec. Clich here to see the details