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LMC of AEC Schools, Rawatbhata

Atomic Energy Central School No.3, Rawatbhata is run and managed by A.E.E.S. (Atomic Energy Education Society), Mumbai. AEES is an autonomous body under Department of Atomic Energy (D.A.E.), Government of India. AEES constitutes Local Management Committee (LMC) to look after all the schools present in Rawatbhata. The local unit extends maximum support to run the schools smoothly. Shri.Vivek Jain is the chairman of LMC, AEC Schools at Rawatbhata and the other members are from various departments of local units of RR Site.

The general functioning of LMC is broadly categorized as

  1. To Support the overall functioning of AEC Schools at Rawatbhata
  2. To Exercise administrative and financial powers subject to guidelines prescribed by AEES.
  3. To redress the common grievances of staff regarding conditions of service and work of local nature, but excluding individual cases relating to disciplinary matters, promotions, posting, transfer etc.
  4. To liaise with the Central Office (Mumbai) in implementing programmes to further strengthen the AEC Schools at Rawatbhata.

The details of members and the position is given below.

S.No.Name of the OfficialDesignationPosition in LMC
1.Shri.Vivek JainSite Director, R.R.Site, NPCIL
Project Director, RAPP-7&8, NPCIL, Rawatbhata
2.Shri.Mohammed YaseenGeneral Manager,
Heawy Water Plant (Kota), Rawatbhata
3.Shri.R.K.AgnaniStation Director 5&6,
NPCIL, R.R. Site, Rawatbhata
Vice-Chairman & Member
4.Shri.P.N.PrasadChief Engineer (E&US)
NPCIL, R.R. Site, Rawatbhata
5.Shri.Sunil KumarTraining Supdt. NTC,
R.R. Site, NPCIL, Rawatbhata
6.Shri.Rajeev DudheHead(HR),
R.R. Site, NPCIL, Rawatbhata
7.Shri.B SreenivasGeneral Manager (CMM),
R.R. Site, NPCIL, Rawatbhata
8.Shri.Vinay Kumar RishiGeneral Manager (F&A),
R.R. Site, NPCIL, Rawatbhata
9.Dr.(Smt.) Rubina TanveerMedical Officer (F),
RAPS Hospital, R.R. Site, Rawatbhata
10.Shri.Anirban BhattacharyaAdministrative Officer-III
Heavy Water Plant (Kota), Rawatbhata
11.Smt.Meghmala GhadeiM/O Mast.Shoban Ghadei
AECS-4, Rawatbhata
AECS No.2, Rawatbhata
13.The PrincipalAECS No.3, Rawatbhata Member
14.Shri.A.Joseph JohnPrincipal,
AECS No.4, Rawatbhata
Member Secretary

RR Site, Rawatbhata

HWP(K), Rawatbhata

Rawatbhata Rajasthan site is situated at Rawatbhata along side of Chambal River, District Chittrogarh, via Kota, Rajasthan. Rawatbhata Site consists of 6 units of PHWR under operation and two units of PHWR under construction. RR Site of Rawatbhata consists of various units like RAPS Hospital, Heavy Water Plant, AEC Schools, CISF Unit etc.

AECS-3, Rawatbhata is located in Anubhagya colony of HWP(K) township. The General Manager of HWP(K), Rawatbhata is the co-chairman of Local management of Committee (LMC) of AEC Schools, Rawatbhata. AECS-3 is a unique in its style of canadian model of building. Spacious play grounds, parks, shopping complex, recreation clubs are located in Anubhagya colony.