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Non-DAE Admissions

Admission Guidelines for Non-DAE

Children of employees of the DAE secretariat, Constituent Units, Projects, Aided Institutes and Public Sector Undertakings under full control of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) belongs to DAE category and other than DAE category is considered as Non-DAE category. Non-DAE wards (ND-1 to ND-4 categories) are allowed to apply for Class I to XII based on the Non-DAE admission circular.

  1. Grant of non-DAE admissions in AEC schools is subject to availability of seats in respective classes after completion of DAE and RTE admissions in that school.
  2. No additional sections can be opened due to the admissions under Non-DAE category.
  3. Mere issue and acceptance of admission form will not guarantee the admission to the students belonging to Non-DAE categories.

Eligibility for students seeking admission under Non-DAE Categories (ND-1 to ND-4)

  1. Available seats/Vacancy if any, for Non-DAE students belonging to ND-1 to ND-4 categories in each class will be put up on the notice board before issuing the application forms by the respective AEC Schools or by the Coordinating school where there is more than one school in a center. The base strength of each section of a class will be considered for arriving at the no. of vacancies pertaining to Non-DAE admissions in that particular class. Mere issue and acceptance of admission form will not guarantee Non-DAE admissions to the students.
  2. Categories of Non-DAE wards for seeking admission in AEC Schools against the vacant seats, if any, is as follows.
Category CodeDescription
ND-1Wards of the Project Affected people, whose land has been acquired for the DAE project.
ND-2The wards of Central/state Government/PSU employees engaged in DAE (e.g. Sausheelya, Mehatva, School for special children, Co-operative Credit Society, Banks, Post Office etc.) and the wards of the employees of contractors working for DAE projects and Wards of the defence/Paramilitary Personnel or wards of their widows.
ND-3Grandchildren of serving/retired or expired DAE employees (One admission per employee). Grandchildren of AEES employees (serving/retired or expired) will have preference.
ND-4Wards of people residing around DAE establishment


  1. Non-DAE admissions for ND-1 to ND-4 categories may be considered subject to the availability of seats. In no case, the Non-DAE admission should lead to an increase of Sections in any class.
  2. For schools located in Narora, Rawatbhata, Kakrapar, Tarapur, Kaiga, Kudankulam, Kalpakkam & Anupuram , Manuguru, Jaduguda, Narwapahar, Turamdih, and Pazhakayal the local management committees are empowered to decide the order of priority of the Non–DAE categories as per the demand of local conditions which may vary from time to time and from one site to another site.
  3. For schools located in Mumbai, Indore, Hyderabad and Mysore the order of Priority for admission of wards of Non-DAE employees will be generally in the order of merit of the Non-DAE categories.
  4. Respective Chairman, LMC should forward the list of Non-DAE students with specific recommendations for grant of Non-DAE admissions to Central Office, AEES for approval.
  5. Separate admission forms need to be submitted if the admission is sought under more than one category, i.e. RTE and other Non-DAE categories (ND1 - ND4).

Age Criteria: Refer General Guidelines of admission Click here...

Application Forms for students seeking admission under Non-DAE categories:

Admission Form can be downloaded from AEES website. The duly filled in form along with an application fee of Rs.100/- should be submitted to the school/JC (single school center) or to the coordinating school in case of multiple school center. ( OR )Admission Form can also be procured by paying a Fee of Rs.100/- from the office of AEC School / JC (single school center) or from the coordinating school in case of multiple school center. The duly filled in form has to be submitted to that school (single school center) or to the coordinating school in case of multiple school center. However, the Chairman, LMC may decide/fix any particular school/JC for collection and submission of forms for the multiple school centers.

Documents to be submitted for students seeking admission under Non-DAE categories

  1. For Class-I: Original birth certificate issued by the Municipality/ Municipal Corporation. OR the original birth certificate issued by Panchayat Office/Village Mukhia/Sarpanch of a Gram Panchayat endorsed under the seal and signature of the Revenue/ Panchayat Officer of the concerned area. Admission will not be granted on the basis of an affidavit in lieu of a birth certificate.
  2. For classes II-XII: Those seeking admission to any class from II to XII will be required to submit a valid and original Transfer Certificate (TC) from the school last attended. The TC produced should be appended with the signature of the Principal/Vice Principal (if Principal is not available). If the place of birth is not indicated in the TC of the previous school, the proof of place of birth of the child is to be produced. In case of students migrating from CBSE affiliated/ State Board School, the TC needs to be countersigned by the concerned Education Officer.
  3. Parents of wards who belong to ND-1 Category should submit relevant documents thereof from the concerned authorities i.e. Revenue Department and DAE Unit
  4. Parents who have superannuated or invalidated during service, and are applying for their wards under the ND-2 category, should submit a Retirement Certificate or Invalidation Certificate or Certificate from the DAE authority endorsing their employment in DAE, as applicable. Wards of parents who expired during DAE service need to produce a Death Certificate, in support.
  5. Parents of the wards of Central/State Govt. /PSU employees engaged in DAE activities and/or working for the DAE applying under ND-2 category have to furnish a copy of their posting order along with the latest salary slip. The duly filled in application form has to be submitted to the school authorities after obtaining the counter signature of the administrative authorities of local DAE unit.
  6. Parents of wards of employees of the major contractors working for DAE units applying under ND-2 category have to furnish a copy of their posting order along with the latest salary slip. The duly filled in application form has to be submitted to the school authorities after obtaining the counter signature of the administrative authorities of local DAE unit.
  7. Wards of defence personnel/para-military personnel or wards of their widows applying under ND-2 should submit the documentary proof stating that their parents are/were defence personnel.
  8. Parents of wards who belong to ND-4 category should submit the proof of residence.
  9. Non DAE parents of all the aforesaid categories have to furnish latest salary certificate issued by the employer concerned in original or latest income certificate in original issued by the Revenue authorities along with the admission application.
  10. Immediately after obtaining the admission, parents are requested to collect back the original birth certificate from the respective Head of School while retaining an attested copy of birth certificate in the school for record.
  11. Original T.C. to be submitted at the time of taking admission. The original T.C. will not be returned if a student seeks to leave the school.
  12. Photocopy of the last Report card of the class for which annual examination was given.
  13. Photocopy of residential allotment letter issued by the concerned DAE Unit allotment section, wherever applicable.
  14. Latest pay slip, if seeking fee concessions, should be attested by the constituent DAE authorities and should be produced at the time of payment of fees.
  15. Caste certificate, if applicable. Attested photo copy of caste certificate in the name of the student has to be furnished in order to avail fee concession. Caste certificate of the parent shall not be considered.
  16. Fee concession will be granted only upon furnishing the Affidavit for Child’s status.

DAE Admissions

Non-DAE Admissions

Admission for the wards of DAE employees are done under DAE category, generally the admission process will start in the month of January and the formalities will be completed by March for the academic session stating from April. As the DAE employees are transferrable anywhere in India, admissions for their wards will be done through out the year on transfer basis.

Non DAE admissions are based on the vacancies available after completing the DAE admissions and as per the guidelines issued by AEES, Mumbai. Application forms, for the classes in which vacancy exists, may be issued in the first/second week of April. As per the RTE provisions, 25% of the admissions are provided in first standard through RTE portal of Rajasthan State Govt.