If Music wakes you up, Makes you think, Heals you...then I guess the music is working --- A R Rahman, Oscar Award Winner

Music in AECS-3, Rawatbhata

Music is the soul of harmonious all round development of students. Accordingly, our school gives prime importance to music as part of the school curriculum. Our school boasts of a highly accomplished music staff and a well-equipped music room on the school campus. Every child is encouraged and given exposure to various musical instruments starting from Class I. All basic musical equipments are made available to the students. Instruments like the harmonium, tabla, congo, drums, piano, keyboard and others are accessible for the students. The music room is equipped with teaching students both vocal and instrumental Indian classical music.

As per guidelines of AEES, AECS NO. 3 Rawatbhata conducts various music classes and different types of music activities every year for Primary, Secondary and Sr. Secondary section.

MUSIC PROGRAMMES: Students are trained to play different types of musical instruments and to sing prayer songs to present in daily morning assembly and various cultural programmes.

MUSIC CLASSES: School conducts one period per week for each class from 1st to 8th std.

MUSIC CLASS FOR 1ST&2ND : Students are prepared in different types of songs like prayer songs, patriotic songs, flag song & rain songs for solo singing competition, group singing competition & dance competitions every year.

MUSIC CLASS FOR 3RD 4TH& 5TH : Students of class 3rd, 4th, & 5th are prepared for different types of songs such as folk song, devotional song, welcome song, prayer song. They are trained in basics swar of classical music lilke ShudhSwar, Aroh Awaroh Swar, Alankar Swar with key board musical instrument. The students of these classes are also guided for various group and individual activities in the form of competition every day.

MUSIC CLASS FOR 6TH 7TH&8th: Students of classes 6th, 7th& 8th are provided with basic information of Classical Ragas like Raag Vrindavani Sarang , Raag Yaman, Raag Bhupali, etc. and prepared for various light songs like prayer song, folk song , welcome song, devotional song, bhajan & nature song . They are also trained in playing of different types of musical instruments.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Different types of musical instruments are available for the students in Music Room. Students are trained to play different types of musical instruments for daily morning assembly and cultural programme.

MUSIC COMPETITIONS: Students are prepared for various music competitions such as solo song competition, group song competition and dance competition for all sections. Our school conducts many cultural programmes through out the year. Students presents beautiful songs in proper tune and rhythm in all the programmes conducted in school such as CCA house wise activities, Science exhibition, Investiture ceremony, Teachers day, Independence day, Republic day and many more other programmes.

Students are also prepared for All India Inter AECS Music Competition organized by AEES Mumbai every year. Many talented students are trained to play and present different types of musical instruments and to company the singers every year.

A talented student Nishita Mishra of class VII presented a Hindustani solo classical song in All India Inter AECS Music competition held at AECS Hyderabad in Nov 2017. She got 2ND prize in the competition. Music Department of our school prepared the students for All India Inter AECS Music Competition 2019 held at AECS Narora. A group song (KAUWALI) presented by Junior Group students was very much appreciated by audience at cultural meet.

Beside these training and activities our music department presents colorful cultural programmes time to time at cultural fest organized by DAE/NPCIL Cultural Council Rawatbhata.

CCTV and Net Facilities at School

Other Facilities

Our School campus is under CCTV Surveillance which is equipped with modern high quality digital Camera's in most of the places and it is being monitored regularly. Online interactive classes are being conducted with high speed wifi internet connection. Internet connection has been provided in Computer Lab, staff rooms, library and most of the places.

School provides Purified RO dirinking water facility through water coolers. Sufficient number of wash rooms for students and staff seperately. The whole school buidling has been renovated with modern tiles. The school building is based on canadian model of schools with great aesthetic sense and it provides easy monitoring of the school activites.