Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think - Steve Jobs, Apple Founder

Welcome to the SIT of AECS-3, Rawatbhata

A Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT) is a user terminal connected to central hub at AEES, Mumbai. It is a project of ASTER by AEES for imparting knowledge via interative mode with eminent personalities and also to provide lecture through live/recorded media. It is a two way communication channel whereby interactive mode of video conferencing can be done as it has the capability to communicate via a return channel.

A typical SIT with 1.2 m antenna for low data rates can be a connecting device into a computer or TV set for interaction. Satellite interactive terminal for high data rates with 1.8 m antenna can be used for video conferencing.

The school has been equipped with SIT lab i.e. VSAT, RFT system, networking equipment, PC, Plasma TV and projection screen and Video Conferencing Camera. AEES, Mumbai under ASTER programme telecaste Live Lectures to all the schools. SIT Lab Fecilitates the children and staff for online teaching.

A SIT Room is also designed to ensure student success through a combination of text, videos, and ICT. As against the traditional teacher-centric classroom model, children learn by way of enquiry, exploration, questioning, debate, application, collaboration, and challenge.

It provides audio,video learning activities for the students. It also conducts the live webcast programmes to students as instructed by CBSE, MHRD time to time like pariksha pe charcha with Prime minister etc.

CCTV and Net Facilities at School

Other Facilities

Our School campus is under CCTV Surveillance which is equipped with modern high quality digital Camera's in most of the places and it is being monitored regularly. Online interactive classes are being conducted with high speed wifi internet connection. Internet connection has been provided in Computer Lab, staff rooms, library and most of the places.

School provides Purified RO dirinking water facility through water coolers. Sufficient number of wash rooms for students and staff seperately. The whole school buidling has been renovated with modern tiles. The school building is based on canadian model of schools with great aesthetic sense and it provides easy monitoring of the school activites.