It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver – Mahatma Gandhi

Sports and Games

The word is great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong -- Swami Vivekand

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ is an unavoidable necessity for all. Sports stimulate the physical and mental growth of a child. A person who regularly plays sports develops a healthy body, develops better body strength and better coordination. To encourage students interest in programmes of physical education, a range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available.

The sprit and healthy competitiveness goes hand in hand here.

The school has dedicated football ground, Basketball and Volleyball court along with 200 mts. Track and for those who wish to pursue indoor games we offer Table Tennis as we have sufficient number of tables for table tennis.

A multipurpose hall is used for a yoga session and indoor games and many other various activities are conducted in the hall. Tennis court is built in accordance with the standard measurement. Students take keen interest in indoor games like Chess, Carrom etc. During sports periods, students are play indigenous games like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi etc. Inter house competitions in the various Sports are held round the year and help to hone their skills. The School has represented school team in various category which participate in district and state level tournament.

While Games and Sports directly contribute to physical development of students and also other co-curricular activities indirectly contribute to it. These activities provide a useful channel for the growth and development of the body .

Set your goal high and don’t stop until you get these --BO Jackson

Our school has well equipped sports room for indoor games and Yoga practice. Indoor games like table tennis, chess, carrom, etc are available in our school. Outdoor Sports facilities at school include basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, football field, cricket pitch, and volleyball courts.

CCTV and Net Facilities at School

Other Facilities

Our School campus is under CCTV Surveillance which is equipped with modern high quality digital Camera's in most of the places and it is being monitored regularly. Online interactive classes are being conducted with high speed wifi internet connection. Internet connection has been provided in Computer Lab, staff rooms, library and most of the places.

School provides Purified RO dirinking water facility through water coolers. Sufficient number of wash rooms for students and staff seperately. The whole school buidling has been renovated with modern tiles. The school building is based on canadian model of schools with great aesthetic sense and it provides easy monitoring of the school activites.