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Alumni Association of AECS-3, Rawatbhata

Alumni association in the school is a network of students of past, present and link to future students. With the advent of Social Media, alumni relationship has taken a different flavour altogether. Many students have started to harness the power of alumni through various networking platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. by creating their alumni groups and profiles on them. Here we AECS-3, Rawatbhata would like to provide a platform to network the students of our school to join in Alumni association and be connected with school and its memories.

Alumni can play an active role in voluntary programs like mentoring students in their areas of expertise. They also play a significant role in contributing scholarships to deserving students. Alumni get in touch with students and share their expertise and best practices in a given field.

We will be providing the details of the platform/portal for the alumni association of AECS-3, Rawatbhata through this website.