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Atomic Energy Education Society runs 31 schools all over India at 15 different locations from Pre-Prep to XII. The centralized recruitment for all the schools are done by central office as and when the vacancies are to be filled. The recruitment process begins with advertisement in Employment news and leading news papers, written test, interview/skill test etc. The perks and facilities are on par with scales of Central Govt. and in most of the centres, the residential quarters and CHSS facility is available for the employees. Keep watching at AEES Recruitment page for vacancies and advertisements... click on http://www.aees.gov.in/htmldocs/recruitment.html

Rawatbhata centre consists of three AEC Schools, namely AECS-2 in Anuchhaya colony, AECS-3 in Anubhagya Colony of HWP and AECS-4 in Anukiran colony. All these three schools are locally managed by the Chairman, LMC of AEC Schools, Rawatbhata along with other LMC members. Vacancies arising due to leave or vacant posts are being operated by contract teachers. The selection of teachers for these posts are generally done through written test and interview in the month of March every year. The advertisement for the same is issued in local news papers and the details will be published in the websites of all the three AEC Schools. You can visit this page for any vacancies/advertisements.